150,000 jars later, we’re taking a short break.  

For the past two years, the entire Keen team has had an extraordinary time creating nut butters for all of you. We have always chosen to work with the highest quality ingredients and not resort to additives, fillers, sugar and peanuts in our foods. However, one of the challenges of producing a high quality product is the cost to make it and due to the continued rise in the cost of almonds and hazelnuts, it has become clear that we cannot continue to produce Keen Nut Butter without a loss. 

We know what needs to be done – new equipment, new processes and a higher volume of nut butter (which is always a good thing!).  What we need is the investment to make this happen.  Please bear with us during our search for the right people to join us as we continue our journey to produce healthier versions of familiar foods.

Thank you so much for all of your love, enthusiasm and support.
– Aimee & the Keen Team


Keen is a #VOOM Shortlisted Company!


We’re Keen. We make healthier versions of familiar foods.


Rachel Allen, Chef

“Too good.”
Ian Marber, Nutritionist

“If I could, I would buy 1,000 jars of this stuff and bathe in it.”
Liam, Random Guy