coconut latte

Introducing our new summer flavour made with cashews, coconuts and espresso.  Pure happiness in a jar.

Keen is a #VOOM Shortlisted Company!

< If you haven’t already seen it, please have a wee peek at our pitch video. >

Thrilled to announce that Keen made it through to the Shortlist for #VOOM PitchtoRich 2015.
THANK YOU to everyone who voted, shouted, put up with us and generally stuck with us the past few weeks.

The regularly scheduled broadcast of nut butter recipes and nonsense will continue now.

Psst – thought you might be curious. -> How we’ll spend the money if we win.


We’re Keen. We make healthier versions of familiar foods.


Rachel Allen, Chef

“Too good.”
Ian Marber, Nutritionist

“If I could, I would buy 1,000 jars of this stuff and bathe in it.”
Liam, Random Guy